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Alexandria DaycareWE ARE CURRENTLY OFFERING A SPECIAL, 25% DISCOUNT FOR THE ENROLLMENT OF A BOY AGE 3+ YEARS OLD TO MATCH DEVELOPMENTALLY WITH OUR CURRENT AGE GROUP. I strongly believe that peers within the same age group can often teach and learn from each other by example and through play. Please call for details. For infant enrollment inquiries, please ask about our waiting list. Contact us today for details.

The Vine Preschool operates on the principles of high quality, home-based child care, commitment, communication, consistency, high-expectations and accountability. Early Childhood Specialist, Kimberly is committed to providing quality child care that includes and is not limited to:

Establishing a safe environment for infants, toddlers and preschoolers that fosters learning through the exploration of physical materials in the preschool classroom;

High Quality Alexandria Daycare

Creating opportunities for preschool children that encourage the use of their five senses to obtain information from each other as well as the home based childcare environment;

Exposing preschoolers to the world around them through a variety of means such as children’s books, hands-on preschool activities, math concepts, and scientific exploration.


The benefits of high-quality early learning experiences, are increasingly recognized as critical to children’s success in the later school years and in life. A growing body of research shows that children who have productive and positive early childhood experiences are better prepared for school, both socially and cognitively.

It is now clear that the foundation for future learning, including the acquisition of key cognitive, physical and social-emotional skills, is laid well before a child enters elementary school.

Addressing Physical Behavior

From Carole Banks, MSW “Physical behavior can also apply to kids who act out and are destructive or abusive at home. If your child is punching holes in the walls or intimidating his siblings physically, you want to start there. We recommend that you adopt James’ philosophy of, “There’s no excuse for abuse” in your family. Let your kids know there will be stern
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Mother’s Day 2013

Happy Mother’s Day!!! The children had so much fun making their Mother’s Day cards. Our preschoolers who will be off to Kindergarten/Pre-Kindergarten in September took pride in the jewelry boxes they made for their Moms.

It’s never to early to paint!

At The Vine Preschool, we expose our children to paint very early. We start with footprints for babies as early as 4 months (only for special occasions) then from 6 months and up we start handprints. By the time they can run (very soon after they start walking) we put a paintbrush in their hand. Sure, they grab the brush at the bristles and
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