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Infant Program

The first way that infants take in their surroundings is through sight and sound. They are navigating through their environment and rely heavily on familiar faces and voices.

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Toddler Ones (1-2)

During this stage, our staff also makes safety a top priority as toddlers begin to crawl, pull up, stand, and walk. Our staff is vigilant and physically present while toddlers explore.

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Toddler Twos (2-3)

The Toddler Twos program is all about socialization and negotiation. At this stage of development, children are mostly expressing themselves nonverbally.

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Preschool (3-5)

Between the ages of 3-5 years old, there is a dramatic increase in a child’s development. The child you have watched grow thus far is now blossoming into a child full of wonder.

Kimberly Vargas

Learn About The Vine

Kimberly has a masters degree in early childhood special education. She is a Virginia State licensed teacher who worked for Alexandria City Public Schools for ten years before pursuing her passion to provide high-quality childcare for infants, toddlers and preschoolers.

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Passionate About Your Childs Development

I have a passion for educating preschool children during their earliest developmental stages.  During this time, infants, toddlers, and preschool children must be exposed to an environment that engages them through all five of their senses.  The S-squared philosophy is our belief that every child needs seed deposits of security, stability and stimulation in order to grow cognitively, emotionally and physically.

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    Emotional Stimulation

    Providing experiences that make your child feel safe, excited, and happy.

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    Environmental Stimulation

    Providing an environment that has developmentally appropriate activities.

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    Neurological Stimulation

    Combining these experiences to increase the brain’s ability to make connections between them.

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    Language Stimulation

    Narrating experiences for children that are nonverbal; exposing children to books, and the joy of reading and listening.

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    Physical Stimulation

    Providing small and large motor activities that improve eye-hand coordination and overall brain function.


From Our Parents

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Parent Testimonial

We started at The Vine Preschool at Wesley in 2018, when our oldest of 3 children was 4 years old. We did a lot of research but never found a place that had it all until we found The Vine. All 3 of our children have since attended, with our middle daughter having the flexibility to go half days one year, and our son starting as early as 2 years old. COVID brought interesting times, the team at The Vine did everything to bring the kids back quickly and safely. Over the years, every need that we had for our children and our schedules was met – we are forever grateful.

Ms. Kim and Ms. Aide are wonderful leaders. The teachers and staff are forever family. Mrs. Benny, the pre-k teacher, taught all 3 of our children and she has been a true light in their (and our) lives.

Our youngest is heading to Kindergarten so it’s time to say goodbye. But we will love and remember The Vine forever. Thank you all!

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