The Vine Preschool Reviews

We love our kids at The Vine Preschool. We also love our passionate parents who know what quality child care is all about. Thank you parents for your day care reviews and insight about the high quality child care that we provide.


We started at The Vine Preschool at Wesley in 2018, when our oldest of 3 children was 4 years old. We did a lot of research but never found a place that had it all until we found The Vine. All 3 of our children have since attended, with our middle daughter having the flexibility to go half days one year, and our son starting as early as 2 years old. COVID brought interesting times, the team at The Vine did everything to bring the kids back quickly and safely. Over the years, every need that we had for our children and our schedules was met – we are forever grateful.

Ms. Kim and Ms. Aide are wonderful leaders. The teachers and staff are forever family. Mrs. Benny, the pre-k teacher, taught all 3 of our children and she has been a true light in their (and our) lives.

Our youngest is heading to Kindergarten so it’s time to say goodbye. But we will love and remember The Vine forever. Thank you all!


We enrolled our twin children in the Vine Preschool after moving to Virginia based on their on-line reviews and the proximity to our home. We chose right! Over the last three years, we have watched our twins grow from small toddlers that could barley walk to children who can speak coherently and have learned the fundamentals necessary to prepare them for kindergarten. Most importantly, our twins have grown into thoughtful, happy, and caring children that interact well with others. Our twins cannot wait to go to school each morning and always miss their friends over the weekend.

The Vine Preschool is very well run. The teachers strike a great balance between allowing the children to play and interact, and learning. However, the best part of the school is the genuine love all the teachers have for all the young children. It is obvious from watching the children, that they also love their teachers. You always feel that your children are safe and well taken care while they are at school. Even during the COVID pandemic, the director established protocols to keep the children safe and the school open.


We enrolled our son at The Vine Preschool when he was approximately 7 months old. We had a unique situation where I traveled with my son every couple of months. Ms. Kim was fantastic with accommodating our schedule. I could not be more grateful. It was the first time placing our child in a daycare and we were very thankful for the care that he received. I felt like I was dropping him off at a family member’s house every day. Thank you, Ms. Kim and staff for providing such exceptional childcare.


My girls have been at The Vine Preschool since September 2016 and I can’t imagine taking them anywhere else.

After moving to the area last summer, I was amazed at the cost/waitlist/class size of many daycares in the area. I “interviewed” several places and was starting to question whether or not I was going to find a place that I felt comfortable taking my girls to everyday. As I was just about to give up my search and resign to not going back to work, I stumbled across The Vine Preschool… and havent looked back since. WE LOVE THE VINE!!!

Ms. Kim was immediately warm and welcoming inviting us in to see this small, “family feel” preschool. She is always open for conversation, empathetic, real, transparent and a parent herself. She employs a staff that also models those qualities. If we have ever had a concern about our girls (potty training, bottle weaning, tantrums etc)… they are all there to assist, work with us and ultimately foster love, patience, knowledge and kindness in our girls.

They have a curriculum that is followed and emailed monthly. Daily reports are sent out over a phone app making it easy to check in on the kids each day. Healthy breakfasts and catered (healthy) lunches are provided each day, along with snacks in between. They have a nice playground that the kids love playing on when it is nice outside and a large open room to run around in when it is raining or too cold to be outside. Along with the day-to-day activities, they are always doing special things around the holidays for the kids/parents (christmas program, easter egg hunt, valentines etc).

I honestly could go on and on about all the ways The Vine Preschool is a phenominal daycare… but most importantly, I dont have to question what type of care my girls are getting. I know in my absence they are being loved, nurtured, comforted and allowed to grow, learn and explore in a warm and caring environment…. everyday.

I will not take them anywhere else and will be very sad when they have to leave. 🙁


We’re a new family that moved from another state and could not be any more excited about finding the vine preschool. Our daughter has been going to the vine for nine months now and she is excited about school everyday. She talks about her friends and teachers daily. We searched other daycare centers in the mount vernon area and felt the vine preschool was a great fit. We were looking for a center that was close to our home and safe for our little girl. We found the vine preschool to be the perfect fit.

Ms. Kim and her teachers are great with the kiddies. You can tell they are all passionate about their jobs and also made us feel welcomed the day we stepped in the door. Both my husband and I are grateful and thankful to find such a wonderful daycare. I would highly recommend the vine preschool to anyone looking for quality child care.

Carly Babb 

I can’t say enough great things about my experience with The Vine Preschool.

Ms. Kim and her staff are true educators. This is not a typical day care, and in fact I don’t even refer to The Vine Preschool as “day care” but as school! I did a lot of research, and visited numerous centers there was always something that made me uncomfortable until I found The Vine, I knew right away this was the place for my daughter!

My daughter started at The Vine when she was 12 weeks old. I worked out a transition plan with Ms. Kim to have her start slowly- a couple hours a day for a week – as I had the new mom jitters. The flexibility, communication, and understanding Ms. Kim showed made me feel extremely comfortable and within 2 days my worries were gone.

My daughter has food allergies and one of my main concerns was her being exposed to a potential allergen. Ms. Kim and her staff have been extremely accommodating when it comes to my daughters meals, even down to reading and writing out all of the ingredients on a label to make sure there was nothing hidden!

I love the daily hand written personalized notebooks to let me know how my daughter’s day went and text messages/ videos I get while I am at work. These things truly set The Vine Preschool apart from any other day care in the area. I am still amazed when my daughter comes home with a new skill – at 15 months old, my daughter can already sing her ABCs and I know I have The Vine Preschool to thank for that!

Tessa Bondurant 

The word “daycare” doesn’t adequately describe what the Vine Preschool is to us and to our 19 month old son as it is so much more. We chose the Vine Preschool on the recommendation of a friend that had seen the way the school was run and was thoroughly impressed and passed on the information knowing we were in search of childcare. I’m thankful everyday for that recommendation!

This is a place that not only is my son anxious to go everyday but that enables me as a working parent to know that I’m doing right by my child with all that he is learning and experiencing on a daily basis. There is no better feeling in the world then to drop off a happy child anxious to go and pick up one that is energized and excited about the day they have had.There is so much time invested in each child from the pictures and videos that are sent to me making my day at work, to the arts and crafts projects, daily log of activities, weekly menu, monthly newsletters and so much more.

I honestly don’t know how Ms. Kim does it all and I continue to be impressed by the attention to detail that is put into everything concerning my child at every stage. They are so wonderful with the children and the personal connection they have with the kids not only shows the pride they take in their work, but also conveys they love they have for them. The Vine Preschool is truly something special and I feel very fortunate to have my son in such a positive and wonderful environment!

Steve and Jennifer Courtien 

I knew the moment I walked into The Vine Preschool that this is where I was going to send my daughter who was 5 months old at the time. I checked into several other places and this is the one that stood out to me. It was obvious right away that Kim loves what she does and cares about the children.

This was a very stressful transition for me and Kim helped me through it. Kim is an amazing teacher. My daughter has learned so much from being there and I have no doubt that is because of Kim. Kim’s assistant’s are always qualified and wonderful individuals as well.

My second daughter is also now going to The Vine Preschool. Both girls love it there and I have never felt like they should be anywhere else. Kim provides you with a great sense of security. You know your children are in good hands when they are with her.

Steve and Jennifer Courtien 

I knew the moment I walked into The Vine Preschool that this is where I was going to send my daughter who was 5 months old at the time. I checked into several other places and this is the one that stood out to me. It was obvious right away that Kim loves what she does and cares about the children.

This was a very stressful transition for me and Kim helped me through it. Kim is an amazing teacher. My daughter has learned so much from being there and I have no doubt that is because of Kim. Kim’s assistant’s are always qualified and wonderful individuals as well.

My second daughter is also now going to The Vine Preschool. Both girls love it there and I have never felt like they should be anywhere else. Kim provides you with a great sense of security. You know your children are in good hands when they are with her.

Ameera, M.D., Manish, M.D.

My son Evan has been attending The Vine Preschool for a year. He started when he was a year and a half and we couldn’t be happier. I was unsure of enrolling my son at a home daycare, but I took a chance after I met Ms. Kim.

Ms. Kim is not just a daycare provider, but she is an educator. She has been a teacher for years and it shows. She is organized, patient, and very knowledgeable especially when it comes to childcare. But the most important quality about Ms. Kim is her caring and loving nature for each child. She really cares about how each child is feeling and progressing at school. Everyday there is circle time, outdoor play, creative time, reading stories and constant learning. She sets up a daily routine for the kids with naptime and meals included. Her meals are healthy and organic as much as possible. Okay, let’s be honest – I can go on and on!

When your child starts at The Vine Preschool, each parent is given a handbook and a journal that goes back and forth between parent and teacher. I love to hear what activities Evan enjoyed that day and what he’s learning. It’s a great way to exchange information regarding your child and it’s a great way for the parent-teacher team to tackle issues like bottle to cup transition, potty training, sharing, etc. Ms. Kim also has wonderful assistants. Ms. Aleisha is well-trained in basic life support and first aid and Ms. Carmen is so loving. Of note, Ms. Kim has two school-aged kids who enjoy playing with the children at the end of the day. They are the most delightful, well-adjusted, well-mannered and happy kids; a testament to great parenting.

The Vine Preschool is affordable, safe and clean. The kids wash their hands throughout the day which helps decrease the chance of spreading germs considerably. As a physician, this is so important. Evan has only been sick two or three times in one year! That is almost unheard of in a daycare setting and he is not the only child who is rarely sick at The Vine Preschool. It means less time at the pediatrician’s office and less time taken off of work.

In a nutshell, The Vine Preschool is the best of both worlds. Your child will get the love and attention from a home daycare setting and the structure of a school/daycare center. Your child will be happy and flourish like mine has.

We thank you Ms. Kim and everyone associated with The Vine Preschool. Anyone is free to contact me if you want further information regarding the school.

Eric and Nikki Coleman

My wife and I wanted to thank you so much for the hard work and pouring into our son Noah. While his transition to a new school and greater responsibility, he by far was more than prepared to arise to the new tasks presented to him. His current teacher is thrilled and overwhelmed at how bright, attentive, in-depth and advanced he is in his social skills, conception of work and detail. We wanted to let you know your teaching and love was not in vain. We love you and Miss Rihanna.

Dave and Jane Roberts

Our daughter, Tessa, shared with us the two videos you sent of Jacob’s classmates while he was staying with us last week. We had to continually play both videos as he would get so excited to see everyone and would raise his arms and laugh out loud. We really appreciate you taking the time to do that, it meant so much to him and us. As long distant grandparents it was such a treat to share time with Jacob out here last week and we are already missing him very much.

Tessa and Sam are great parents and the schedule they have established with Jacob made our time with him so much more enjoyable as he was hardly ever fussy and putting him down for naps or bedtime was a breeze. Jacob is our youngest and we have four other grandchildren, ages 6 through 12, so we soon forget how much fun and work a toddler can be. Jane and I also want to express our admiration and appreciation for the hard work you put into your children at preschool. Jacob taught us sign language, which especially comes in handy when he wants something or not.

We also were amazed that whatever he has in his hands does not go into his mouth as most other little ones we have been around. We learned to tell Jake, “no, not safe” if he would head for our stairs, touch a cat that did not want to be touched, or get close to our fireplace, stove, etc. No need to raise our voices at all. Our visit with Jake could not have gone any better, maybe if it was longer, and we can hardly wait for the next one.

We understand our daughter’s reluctance to move out of the area because of you and wanted you to know we are so very thankful that they have you and that our grandson has a loving, caring, nurturing person in his life.

Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts.

Nikkole Williams

As parents of a lively 3 year old that attends The Vine Preschool, we would, with NO reservations, recommend this great preschool to anyone that will listen. After moving to the Alexandria area when our son was just an infant, we came across The Vine Preschool’s website, and were pretty much sold from the site alone.

However, I later learned that it was unfortunately a little too far from our home. Fast forward 2 yrs. We relocated and are again looking for a preschool for our 2 year old son. The Vine Preschool comes up again, and as fate would have it, Ms. Kim had a slot open! I went to visit (already knowing we were going to enroll him) and my decision to choose The Vine Preschool was reaffirmed.

Ms. Kim and her assistant Ms. Riana are easily two of the most kind, loving individuals I’ve met. Let alone, they are AMAZING with the children. The other families and their children that attend The Vine Preschool are wonderful as well, which I think only enhances the overall experience of a great early learning environment.

In addition to Ms. Kim, Ms. Riana and the other families, Ms. Kim’s own family is very involved with The Vine Preschool’s children. “Uncle” Jesse (Ms. Kim’s husband) is adored and her children are great kids! It is truly a familial atmosphere the children are surrounded by. You can rest assured that while you are away, your child is being looked after AND learning with the utmost love and attention that could possibly be provided in an early childhood setting.

My son LOVES going to school, and is constantly learning so much each day. He has been with Ms. Kim a year and a half and has learned a great deal already. I have a background in Education myself, and I can honestly say I am impressed and more than satisfied with the emotional support the children receive as well as educational.

At 3, my son knows his letters, can spell AND write his name, and is continuously challenged to reach his next level of learning. He brings home lovely pictures and always has a story to tell about what he did at school. Ms. Kim even goes so far as to email pictures of our children periodically, showing something special they’ve done or a great educational moment that we may have missed during the day, but she so thoughtfully caught on camera for us.

As most parents, we believe our child is as intelligent and well-mannered as they come. But we would be remiss if we didn’t acknowledge that Ms. Kim and The Vine Preschool played a part in shaping the wonderful person our son is growing to be every day.

Shanickwa Spencer

We will miss the Vine Preschool so much. The Vine Preschool is a family oriented program started by a mom! I have three boys and my third had the best care. Our journey with Ms. Kim began with my second child who was receiving special education services from ACPS. She worked to help him develop emotionally and socially. He has now completed kindergarten and definitely had a successful year emotionally and socially.

Mandela, my youngest son, was welcomed in the Vine Preschool last year of 2008. He transitioned smoothly. I was so surprised but should not have been because Ms. Kim is amazing with children. She welcomed him every morning in a gentle, respectful, and caring manner. He was provided with healthy and organic meals. We were given menus so that we would know the foods he ate daily. Ms. Kim was obviously knowledgeable, and experienced in the field of early childhood. She supported him in a positive way and helped to develop his social skills. She differentiated her support even though she had diverse ages in the program.

My son was one of the oldest children but she found the time to support his cognitive development by having discussions, and encouraging questions, supporting classification skills and reasoning ability, understanding some basic concepts such as number, size, color, texture, and even developed his alphabet knowledge. We received weekly plans that supported the children’s developmental needs.

My son was receiving speech/language services from ACPS and Ms Kim wanted to get involved. She was interested in learning the sounds he was learning so that she could support him at preschool. Ms. Kim also had assistants who she obviously took the time to ensure that they loved children and could support them appropriately.

My husband and I felt very supported.. She always found the time to listen and strive to develop a positive relationship with us. She made us feel free to visit at all times. I couldn’t visit but found opportunities to provide materials to the program.

She was open, flexible, and thankful for the materials. Ms. Kim notified us immediately of all needs and made us know that if even problems arose she would tell us immediately (none came up). I felt very confident about the decision she made and never worried. I could go on and on but know that your family will feel very happy with Ms. Kim’s program.

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