The following is required before your child can enter the program:

  1. All forms from the registration packet need to be filled out completely with names, addresses and all telephone numbers as well as personal and business email addresses that are checked regularly, to ensure that all available contact information is provided;
  2. You must show your child’s original birth certificate so that the birth certificate # can be written and kept in your child’s file;
  3. If an original birth certificate is temporarily unavailable, the Proof of Birth letter must be provided until the original birth certificate becomes available
  4. The original birth certificate must be viewed by the provider and the birth certificate number must be documented in your child’s file as required by the state.
  5. A physical examination dated within 30 days of enrollment;
  6. An immunization record updated according to the child’s age and immunization schedule signed and dated by the physician;
  7. Tuition payment for first 2 weeks;
  8. Registration fee of $150.
  9. NOTE: The physical examination form only needs to be submitted upon enrollment. After, it is only required that you submit updated immunization forms that include updated information on your child’s health.

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