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lillio-logo Lillio is a Parent Engagement software application that The Vine Preschool uses to communicate with parents on a daily basis about the progress of their children and the daily activities that they participate in.

The Lillio application is extremely beneficial to the Staff at The Vine Preschool because in enables the Staff to be able to demonstrate to the parents all that goes on throughout their child’s preschool day. In many situations, the Staff will capture moments and take pictures or video then submit them through Lillio to illustrate the activities as well as the developmental milestones that the children are experiencing.

We have had nothing but great responses from both parents and staff about how nice it is to have an engagement software program that captures the memories and the essence of what truly goes on throughout the preschool day.

Power Tots

power tots the vine preschool

The Vine Preschool offers a great program called Power Tots which is available once a week for 30 minutes per session. We currently have three classes with a maximum of 12 children in each class. The instructors are fantastic and they bring all of the equipment with them for the students.

Power Tots is separate from our program and the registration and reasonable monthly payment is processed between the families and Power Tots. The monthly fee is for four sessions each month and it is optional.

Watching the children progress from beginning skills to more advanced skills has been wonderful to observe! The children are always very proud of their accomplishments and the instructors are wonderful at taking their time for students or who are more hesitant and moving along for those students who are ready.

We were so pleased when we were able to receive little report cards for each student discussing the skills that they had been introduced to and then the skills that they were moving onto. What we also like about the Power Tots program is that it empowers the students with their physical development skills and increases their gross motor abilities.

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